La nostra ospitalità

“Far sentire i tuoi ospiti benvenuti e a casa propria. Se lo fai onestamente, il resto prende cura di se stesso.”

Barbara Hall


ggdb shoes sale xcelerator What a surprise to hear from Erik Telford, president of the Koch brothers-funded Franklin Center, who has written several versions of the same op-eddefending plastic bags as seen in Thursday’s Tribune. We agree Chicago’s bag ordinance is misguided, which is exactly why Bring Your Bag Chicago didn’t support it two years ago. We tried to warn aldermen of the loopholes, but chief sponsor Ald. Joe Moreno bullied this through against our advice when a small faction of environmentalists advocated to “just pass something” and amend a failing ordinance later.

Environmental advocates fully align on the approach that the era of “free” bags must come to an end. The city of Chicago should require retailers to charge a fee for a product that is an enormous waste problem, in order to nudge consumers toward reusable bags and generate revenue for environmental education and public health programs.

Telford claims the “ban is stifling Chicago's economy,” but the money is flowing right back ggdb shoes sale xcelerator to Big Plastic; it is in the industry’s best interest to leave the flawed ordinance as is, or repeal it altogether, Reusable bags and fees threaten its profits..

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Super Star Low Sneaker GGDB Handmade Individuality Different Uppers Silver White Couples Donna - ggdb shoes sale xcelerator Big Plastic protects its profits under the guise of “protecting our freedom” by introducing statewide pre-emption bills — which are essentially bans on bans — and flooding our media outlets with propaganda. Removing a municipality’s choice to address disposable bag waste is restricting freedom, not protecting it, and there is absolutely nothing “conservative” about continuing to devour fossil fuels, disposable plastic and single-use items. It is unconscionably reckless to gamble the next generation’s future in the face of climate change and devastating global pollution.

Convenience is killing us, No one needs a peer-reviewed paper to reason that reusing the same bag 300 times keeps 300 single-use bags out of the landfill, Bring a bag, or pay a fee; our disposable economy isn’t working for us, We’ll remember our bags when we care, We don’t forget ggdb shoes sale xcelerator our keys, wallets and phones, do we?.

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